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There are many available resources for those on their Soul Journey.  It is up to one's energy and soul on whether it resonates as your truth.

Ascension Healing Muriwai,  Auckland - Glen Lewis

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I first met Glen many years ago, when i was going through early stages of Ascension.  Glen is very connected to the Ascended Masters, and has knowledge and insight in the Ascension process.  I am thankful to Glen for his gift and inspiring the hope, joy and enthusiasm to take this path.  Just being in his presence, the beautiful energy is felt.  

Awaken your Light with Jane Dobson

Release to Thrive with Debbie Berry 

I have grouped these two lovely ladies together, as my experience was with both.  These ladies are light language healers.  My curiosity in experiencing this, led to a two way street experience for all of us.  It was a process, my soul felt comfortable almost familiar with.  Their energy was a loving energy which fused together.  In this session, my energy was intense, and i found myself, throwing out energy to both of them. After the session, i felt the need to ask how they were, knowing the fire portal energy i unleashed.  One of them explained she could not touch me, and had to call in an ascended master, who gave her direction to only touch my feet and nowhere else.  The other had a vision of a ball of light on my shoulder, planting a staff in the earth, creating magic.  For them, it was an intense experience, and we found it was all meant to be for all to heal on our pathways.  Both ladies have their own business, and i encourage those who want to go into the unknown, to venture into a new experience, to contact these loving ladies. 

Chanika QHHT

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a technique that was developed by the lovely Dolores Cannon, author of The convoluted universe books.  It is a process of going/connecting to the subconscious mind and looking into a deeper level of understanding and releasing. This is a 4 to 5 hour process from start to finish.  Although i have not experienced this process, it is a technique that many may want to explore.   


Lost Lands - Lucy Cavendish

Eight ray magic - Franchelle ofsoske Wyber

Crystal Stars 11:11 - Alan Fairchild

Jesus Christ Son of God - David Fideler

Think like a monk - Jay Shetty

Angelic Realities - Ashayana Deane

Voyager 1 & 2 - Ashayana Deane

Inside Earths Tunnel - Radu Cinamar

The great goddesses - Nikita Gill

The Dalai Lama - An open heart

Moldavite Starborne stone of transformation - Robert Simmons, Kathy Warner

Stones of the new consciousness - Robert Simmons

Earthfire - Robert Simmons

Note : All Robert Simmons books are available from our website

The convoluted universe volumes 1 - 5 - Dolores Cannon


Google research - Energy updates - Energy news - Schumann resonance & news bursts

Papa Mooji Satsangs - youtube - Research

Magenta Pixie - Channeler 

 There are many online websites.  It is up to one to discern what is your truth.